OFFSHORE AND ONSHORE Companies Incorporation

Mundo Offshore is a Fiduciary specialized in the offshore and onshore incorporation of companies worldwide. Mundo Offshore offers its services and expertise to create international corporations and foundations to allowing you to reach your targets through tax planning and heritage protection

In general terms, Mundo Offshore offers services like offshore company incorporation, onshore company etablishment, asset protection and tax optimization in order to permit you to reduce your tax rates.

Mundo offshore is a leading legal company in the offshore domain, who has accumulated 12 years of experience, with more than 150 employees distibuted across in a network of 8 office worldwide. Our professional team offers advice in the areas of the offshore company formation, engineering tax, corporate audit and accounting, by offering solutions that fit your goals.

Our standards compliance are among the best in the industry council and we are accredited ISO9001.

Mundo offshore is a company which provides with the best legal services.

Mundo offshore looks after the offshore companies formation, to ensure that small and medium size entreprises can take advantage of the tax exemptions profited by a huge number of large multinational corporations.

Mundo offshore provides with multi-support to companies wishing to optimize their revenues and protect their assets

Our fiduciary offers:

- Proprietor's confidential care. 

- Asset engineering.

- Customized advice.

- Great expertise on offshore solutions.

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Time Table

Our Operating hours is as the Following: 

Monday to Thursday : 10h - 16h. 

Friday                     : 10h - 14h.